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The idea of Zinplex was born in 1985.The interest in Zinc supplementation came about as a result of several leading articles describing the essential qualities and uses for zinc supplementation.

Scientist have for many years established the usefulness of Zinc supplementation and combinations thereof with excellent results. Zinc has been found to help improve the incidence of skin conditions such as pimples, acne and eczema. Ulcers, boils and shingles have also been known to respond favourably to Zinc treatment. Zinc is also widely used today to help assist with the healing of wounds. It has also been found that zinc can boost the immune system and has a marked influence on increasing male fertility. Many articles also show the comparative differences between the absorptive ability of the different Zinc salts very often in combination with other minerals. It has also been established that the absorption of Zinc can be improved by complexing Zinc with Picolinic Acid which give the best result with the least side effects.


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