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After extensive research we are able to provide unique, innovative and cost effective applications for anti- microbial copper and its alloys. This has been scientifically proven to act rapidly against all bacteria, viruses and fungi. Due to the rapid multifaceted lethal action of antimicrobial copper, resistant strains will be unable to evolve.

We have developed, patented and are testing the use of a dry metallic micro powder DermTx™ that shows remarkable attributes when used for external skin conditions. It quickly removes pain, reduces inflammation, eliminates infection, speeds healing and diminishes scarring.

More than 80% of infections are transmitted via hands, not, as is generally believed, through the air. So, we have formulated a long lasting hand sterilizing powder that effectively prevents the transmission of infectious diseases from one person to another.

TraceXtec has also developed methods to cover and or coat all common touch surfaces with antimicrobial copper, customized for hospitals and other public places. This will greatly and permanently reduce the risk of nasty infections.


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