An opportunity for Africa start-ups to partner with Siemens

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An opportunity for Africa start-ups to partner with Siemens

9 May 2017,

Siemens is at it again, to create another Siemens by supporting start-ups within the company. Next47.

It is a start-up by Siemens to create other start-ups with the focus on fields such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and others.

At Next47 the plan is to work with emerging innovations and combine them with the unparalleled advantages of Siemens to create future businesses.

Next47 provides promising new companies with access to global markets and customers in more than 200 countries, cross-industry networking opportunities and the expertise of experienced Siemens specialists.

In addition, entrepreneurs have access to: deep vertical know-how, fast prototyping, access to real data to test your algorithms, real use cases and global access to Siemens customers. Plus the network of more than 200 manufacturing facilities around the world is ready for entrepreneurs.

The start-up is creating the optimal collaborative environment to turn great ideas into viable businesses. The dedicated team of experts forms a bridge between the start-up world and the Siemens ecosystem. On one side, high levels of flexibility and independence. On the other side, a strong customer base, stability and financial strength.

The same approaches used by Werner von Siemens to build his company more than 170 years ago are now applied by Next47 to build the next big thing. Every breakthrough idea is unique. So every Next47 partnership is unique, too. As the venture capitalist, coach and adviser, the start-up has the flexibility to form smart collaborations that lead to mutual success.

The start-up is focused on technologies that will make an impact in the future such as:

Artificial intelligence;

Autonomous machines;

Blockchain application;

Connected mobility; and

Distributed electrification.

These technologies are viewed as innovation fields that will become key drivers on the way to next-generation intelligence.

 This is an opportunity for start-ups in the African continent to partner with an established organisation to make an impact globally.


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